Autumn Foliage (Orange)

Occasionally, a photog will have an epiphany and realize that the POV they’ve persued with their photography thus far is perfectly in line with what excites the passion in their soul.

I think this happened to me JUST now. I’ll explain.

Today’s goal was to capture the essence of the colors of autumn. The trees are spectacular and are at their peek coloration in my area. As I scroll through the shots from today, I recall doubting the macro lens could fully encompass the vastness of the landscape, and that I needed to use a wide(r) angle lens (which I don’t own) in order to achieve the “landscape” aspects I was going for. But as I review the shots captured with my macro lens, something is igniting in my soul.

There is a certain *something* a macro lens can capture, that a wide angle lens cannot. It’s personal, intimate, I’m not sure how to describe it. Suffice it to say, that I regret ever doubting my macro lens.

It will forgive me. 😉

With this shot, it is the intensity of the color, and the chaotic angles of the vibrant leaves that makes me remember … oh yea, this is what I love about autumn. It’s the COLOR, not the landscape. I….LOVE….THIS….COLOR! 🙂


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