Florida Sunset

Visiting the panhandle of Florida this weekend. We arrived in early evening, but because of the time change, I almost missed the sunset! The sun was actually below the horizon by the time I got out there to take this shot.

This was taken with my iPhone, shooting through my sunglasses. A nice trick if you’re ever caught out without your polarizer filter.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll post a shot of the sun rise! I fully expect that fisherman to still be there. (LOL)

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3 thoughts on “Florida Sunset

  1. Great image. Love the colors on the horizon, and the fisherman is a very pleasant addition to the calmness that the photo portrays.

    1. Thank you Gracie. He was a willing participant as long as I didn’t tell his wife he was fishing. Seriously (LOL). I thought he was an iconic figure and was very much a part of the story of the scene.

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