Audubon-Inspired Low Light Photos

I was perusing my Facebook news feed and came across this article by William Majoros (Read it here) discussing the recommended DSLR camera settings to get the best shots of birds.   As I read, his recommendations on ISO settings really peaked my interest. I realized that I had been trying to optimize my photography all these years – all the while, my Nikon ISO setting being on AUTO. 

Eureka!  I was suddenly rummaging through the memories of past photos, wondering how different (better?) they could have been if I had fussed over the ISO settings on each photo.  I decided that was foolish, and proceeded to get out my Nikon and take some new shots paying close attention to the ISO settings.  I have to say, I think it did make an improvement – specifically in low light.  

My cats were unknowing participants in my journey of exploration. These were taken with no flash – using natural light from the window (yes these are photos of my cats lounging in front of a window!).


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