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Exploring Adobe Lightroom Presets

Adobe has us all figured out. As photographers, we need a tool to fine-tune exposure, adjust saturation, add some contrast, share our favorites, sell the best of the day, and sync the highest ranked of our personal collection to all of our devices.  I mean, what else could a photographer want?

Oh, right … presets that bring out the emotion and mood of the photo you didn’t even know where there.  Presets that make an artful masterpiece out of a regular photo.  How did they know I would get hooked on this feature?? I love playing around with the presets on the photos that I had “rejected”. First, let me be clear, I don’t really reject any of my photos, I love them all – they’re like my children.  But, to bring out emotion in the image that I hadn’t seen, or maybe I had seen *something* in the scene that the camera settings didn’t bring out – until I lightroom’ed it (yes, I’m coining that term).

Lightroom is just … insanely awesome when it comes to playing around with my photos. I typically love the photo as it was taken, with maybe a few adjustments here and there, but to take a photo that was so-so in my opinion and add some vignetting, or aged photo effects can really change the mood of the photo.   Here’s an example: this one really grabbed me.

Before Lightroom Preset
After Lightroom Preset

This transformation from meh to YES! happened with one click. Amazing. Thank you Adobe. Now on to building my Stock portfolio….

Snapping Beauty

P.S. the preset used on this photo was called “Turn down the color” from the free trial from Loaded Landscapes. I haven’t purchased the full shebang (yet).